The Packed philosophy

At Packed our food philosophy is delicious, nutritious and sustainable. We place an emphasis on real, seasonal, nutrient dense food. Packed lunches support little bodies to grow and learn with a good balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Our lunches are free from preservatives, refined sugar, artificial colours and flavours, and we also have a good range of gluten and dairy free options. So why don’t you take a day off the lunchbox routine?

Packed consciously targets the junior set – pre-school to year 3, where children are establishing their eating patterns and fussy eating can often set in. We know from experience that continuing to offer a broad and healthy diet, even during fussy periods, leads to improved food acceptance down the track, and we love to help parents achieve this.


Packed prepares lunches fresh that morning and delivers direct to school. To make delivery viable, we need approval to deliver to your school and five term subscriptions for each day offered. For example, to deliver to your school on Mondays, we would need five subscriptions for Monday lunch for the term.

Our current delivery area is City of Stonnington, City of Glen Eira, City of Bayside and City of Port Phillip.

Are you outside this zone? Register your interest and we will keep you updated.


Skye Abraham

Skye Abraham

Hi – I’m Skye, the founder of Packed. I’m a mum to three boys and I’m passionate about improving the nutritional quality of food available to children in schools, as well as supporting busy parents to make healthy choices for their children.

Even though I love to cook, there have been times when I was juggling a corporate career, or a nasty combination of toddlers and a newborn, where the lunchboxes became monotonous. I sent too many packets. Sometimes I didn’t send vegetables, because I knew they wouldn’t eat them anyway. At 9:30pm, having wrangled the last child to bed, when I was still cleaning the kitchen and finishing the lunchboxes, I felt exhausted. I’m sure I’m not alone and this is why I have created Packed.

I left 10 years in the corporate world in 2016 to pursue Packed. I have completed the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden training and taken to the kitchen with a vengeance, recipe testing on my children and friends. I now combine my passion for food with my business expertise to run Packed, employing a small team of like-minded individuals.


Alex is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours). She has well rounded knowledge and experience in many areas of dietetics but is particularly passionate about children’s nutrition issues such as food allergy and intolerance, fussy eating and nutritional deficiencies.

Alex also runs her own food blog and loves experimenting in the kitchen and creating nutritious meals. She is a strong advocate for health and wellbeing and believes it is vital to nourish the body with wholesome, honest food every day.

let us teach you

  • Combatting fussy eating in young children
  • Packing a nutritious lunch box
  • green smoothies
  • okonomiyaki
  • a healthy lunch art activity (kinder and prep)
  • packing my own lunch (grade 3 and above)
For the home: pantry consultation

Tailored to your individual needs, we can assist you to stock your pantry full of the best ingredients to support a nutritious whole food diet. If you are interested in switching to glass storage, we can supply vessels and make the switch for you at an hourly rate.

For the home: weekly meal prep

We will supply you with a shopping list the week prior. You can supply the items, or request that we shop for you. A Packed superstar will then arrive ready to set you up! Our recommended to do list includes:

  • Family sized breakfast option – chia pudding or bircher muesli
  • Smoothie bags for the freezer
  • 1 kg Bolognaise sauce (or lentil bolognaise)
  • Home made icy poles for the kids
  • A cake or biscuit of your choice
  • A plate of cut up veg for the kids

We recommend a 4 hour block at $35/hour. All our superstars carry a working with children’s check and Food Safety certificate.