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We all love chocolate, but Easter quickly deteriorates into a chocolate binge-fest full of foul over-sugared children. Below are some ideas for the Easter bunny, or small gifts for children if you are celebrating with friends and family. Trust me, parents will thank you for not gifting the one hundredth giant Easter egg their child has seen that week!

Passover is also celebrated next week, which is completely different to Easter, but has some symbolic similarities, such as eggs and treasure hunts. Kids hunt for a special piece of matzah bread called the ‘afikomen’, which is then traded in for money. Traditionally winner takes all in that game, but much like pass-the-parcel having evolved to a prize per layer, it generally results in fewer meltdowns if each child has a prize to hunt for. This year I have wrapped pyjamas, a book and footy albums for our grade 2 twins, and pyjamas, a book and a skylander for our 5 year old.

Huckleberry Lane pyjamas, footy cards and Captain Underpants make for a happy Grade 2 boy!
Books, pyjamas and a Skylander for Mr 5. Here’s hoping he follows the instructions on the pyjamas! 😉











Whichever festival you are celebrating this month, here are some more junk free ideas.

Ideas for Easter hunting…

If you are organising an Easter or Passover hunt for a larger group of children, smaller value items you could hide include footy cards, Smiggle accessories, Lego figurines, or small craft kits depending on gender and interests. It could also be fun to decorate hard boiled eggs and then use these in an Easter egg hunt instead of chocolate eggs. Don’t forget to make bunny ears to wear during the hunt!

Top ideas for hunting:

  • Those eggs you put in water and an animal hatches
  • Lego minifigurines
  • Jewellery
  • Footy cards
  • Pokemon cards
  • Smiggle

Something a little more…


Some more substantial ideas for junior family members include:

  • Dress ups
  • Books (Think Miffy or Peter Rabbit if you want to keep in theme)
  • Craft (seedling)
  • Egg cups (who doesn’t love a dippy egg?)
  • Board games
  • Puzzles
  • Pyjamas
  • Colouring books
  • Money boxes

For little bunnies

Mister Fly bunny playmat and bun-bun cushion
Image: @patriciachangny

Easter babies needn’t miss out on the fun! I love the bunny range from Melbourne brand Mister Fly. How gorgeous is this pic of Hugo on the Mister Fly bunny playmat ($99.95) with the bun-bun cushion ($44.95)?!







Bobo and Boo bamboo dinnerware sitting pretty on the We Might Be Tiny bunny placemat
Image credit: @rachelwintonphotography


I’m also loving BoBo and Boo bamboo dinnerware ($25.95 set). Pictured here with We Might Be Tiny bunny placemat ($29).





Something for the cook

If you’re going to an Easter lunch, don’t forget your host. How about:

Mud candle: best of both worlds. Enjoy the candle and keep the vase.
  • Tea
  • A beautiful recipe book (Reading’s has 25% off a range of titles)
  • A candle
  • Some ceramics from Mud



Get Packed this Easter

Packed bunny gingerbread. $2ea or $2.50ea with plain icing

Hope the Easter holidays are treating you well.

Don’t forget you can book your Art Soup holiday lunches here.

If you’d like some healthy gingerbread bunnies, we’re baking this Thursday (6/4/17). You could order plain ones and decorate them with the kids. There’s an afternoon taken care of. You’re welcome. Email me for orders skye@packed.com.au . Free delivery within Stonnington, Glen Eira and Brighton for orders of 10 or more.



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