What if my child doesn’t like the food?

Did you know it can take more than 8 tries before a child will accept a food? At Packed we believe in a division of responsibility when it comes to healthy eating – the parent chooses what goes on the plate, the child chooses what they will eat. We understand you don’t want your child to be hungry at school, and we hope that they will love all their lunch! When you register, you will be asked to select some of your child’s favourite fruits and vegetables from a long list. We will always make sure there is a familiar preferred food in their lunchbox from their list. You also have the ability to select specific main menu items for your child. If you are concerned about fussy eating, you might like to read our top tips here.

What if my child has allergies?

At Packed, all our lunchboxes are nut-free and we do our best to avoid cross contamination. However, we cannot guarantee there are no trace elements lingering through the supply chain or from our shared commercial kitchen space. Similarly, we can provide gluten and dairy free options, but lunches are prepared in a facility that also handles gluten and dairy. So, in short, if your child has a serious allergy, treat your Packed lunch as you would a meal from a restaurant.

What if my child is away or has an excursion?

If you’d like to subscribe for the term, but know in advance that you are away during the term, contact us to arrange a pro-rata subscription.

If your child falls ill, you are able to collect the lunch from school, or transfer the lunch to another child, as long as their parent or guardian has accepted our. Click here to transfer your lunch.

If your child is going on excursion, you can request that lunch is delivered in disposable eco friendly packaging before the bus leaves here.

What if my child loses or damages the reusable lunchbox?

All lunchboxes are engraved with a serial number to help us keep track. While the fast collection of lunchboxes should reduce the number of losses, if a lunchbox is unable to be located by the end of term, then the parent or guardian is liable for the cost of replacement ($45). We have intentionally selected a hardy lunchbox that has been road-tested for a year by two grade 1 boys. If a lunchbox is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, we give a one-time leeway, otherwise you will be charged for a replacement lunchbox.

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