We have two lunch options

The first is just feed me. You subscribe for one or two days per term and we vary our healthy delicious main lunch items each week for your child. Just nominate any dietary requirements when you set up your profile and we will do the rest. There will also be cut up seasonal fruit and vegetables and a healthy nutrient-dense, refined sugar free lunchbox treat.

The second option is a pick and mix subscription. You subscribe for the term, but you select the main menu items for your child. We will also include seasonal fresh fruit fruit, two serves of vegetables and a healthy, nutrient-dense, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free lunchbox treat.

Our menus change each term to reflect seasonal ingredients and are reviewed by a local dietician.

We supply lunch once or twice per week

We feel this gives parents a break, but also provides flexibility for the family.
Packed currently delivers on Mondays. If your school has interest in additional days, please enquire and if volume permits, we will supply!


You register your school

Packed currently supplies pre-school to Grade 3. We require at least 5 lunchbox subscriptions as well as school approval to deliver in order to register your school. We currently service City of Stonnington, City of Bayside, City of Glen Eira and City of Port Philip..

We provide a range of fun services for registered schools including lunch time cooking classes, support for your school fete and workshops for Grade 3s to learn how to pack their own lunches as they move into Grade 4

You order or subscribe online

As a busy parent – whether that means you’re juggling young children at home, or juggling work and family – time and simplicity are key. You want to order once. You want it to be quick. I get it.
This is why we recommend a term or annual subscription. You sign up and pay in advance for one full term of Monday lunches. One transaction and Mondays are all taken care of. Enjoy your Sunday night. Ease into Monday morning.

For those who are more impromptu, there is an option of casual lunches. However, bear in mind, we require 5 subscriptions in order to supply your school. As we are less able to plan for casual lunches, there is a small premium applied to casual orders. These orders must be placed by 9pm Sunday night.

We deliver to your school

We deliver our lunches to your school in cool packs between 11am – 12:30pm, labelled with your child’s name and class. Lunches are delivered to an agreed drop off point to be either distributed to or collected by the children at the school’s discretion.

We then collect the lunchboxes after lunch time. Occasionally, and with your school’s permission, we will stay on site at lunch time and run interactive food education workshops or cooking classes with any interested students. All students are welcome, regardless of whether they are Packed customers.

We then compost your leftovers and wash your lunchboxes in our commercial dishwasher ready for next time. Monday arvo is sounding pretty chill at your place.