Our family is not normally gluten free, however we are in the midst of the eight day festival of Passover, which requires that nothing leavened is eaten. Essentially, this leads to a grain free, gluten free diet – except for ‘matzah’, which is a very plain, flat cracker that is renowned for causing constipation. Therefore, this post will also include some ideas for keeping the bowels going!


IQS Coconutty Granola
Image: I Quit Sugar
  • Sarah Wilson’s coco-nutty granola. Sub the rice malt syrup for maple syrup if you are grain free. Serve with natural yoghurt and berries.
Chia Pudding
Roasted Strawberry & Coconut Chia Pudding
  • Chia pudding. I love the Quirky Cooking recipe, or make it gingerbread chia pudding by swapping the vanilla out for ground ginger and nutmeg.
  • Breakfast smoothie – frozen banana, yoghurt, honey, nuts, pinch of cinnamon, milk of choice, handful of ice & blend.
  • Pear compote. Serve with yoghurt.
  • I’m also not adverse to eating leftover dessert crumble for breakfast. Make a super healthy autumn crumble with apple, pear, berries, dried fig, topped with almond meal, cinnamon, coconut sugar & crushed nuts for the crumble. Rub the crumble ingredients together with 1/3 cup room temperature butter, or stir through with melted coconut oil for dairy free. Bake for 40 mins at 180°C or until brown on top. Serve leftovers with yoghurt for breakfast.
  • Shakshuka or eggs your way with cooked veg. I’m not a morning person, and my kids are not waiting people, so eggs are not our preferred breakfast choice. But if yours are, this is a great choice. We often make eggs for lunch instead.


Packed Vegetables
Cut up fresh veggies
  • I have a bowl of hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I also have a container of fresh cut up veggies for snacks and to pull out at meal times.
Grassfed beef gelatin marshmallows
Date, cacao, coconut bliss ball
Date, cacao, coconut bliss ball
  • Date, cacao and coconut bliss balls. These are gluten and dairy free and are a good snack during Passover to avoid constipation! You can try these babies on our holiday lunch menu.
Butternut pumpkin soup
  • I’ve made a big batch of butternut pumpkin soup. I can easily heat up a mug for a snack, or add to a picnic style lunch. I bake the pumpkin whole in the oven until it collapses (about 40 mins at 180°C) and then scoop the flesh into the pot to make the soup. Tastes amazing this way and avoids peeling and cubing pumpkin – massive time save! I either go traditional, using chicken, beef or veggie stock, or use coconut milk and coriander for an Asian influence. I’m big on the pop it all in, simmer for 30 mins and whizz. I recommend dicing and frying your chopped onion as the first step before adding the other ingredients. You can also sneak in a stalk or two of carrot and celery at this step. You will need about 1L of liquid to one butternut pumpkin. I also like a pinch of nutmeg in my soup.
  • Fruit – if your kids will eat them, figs are amazing at the moment and are full of fibre. Green juice is also a great choice for a nutrient boost and hit of fibre.

Main Meal

You can use these recipes for lunch or dinner. All of these ideas are kid tested!

  • Sang choi bow in lettuce cups. We used diced celery, carrot and shitake mushrooms in ours. We flavoured with lime, mint, coconut sugar and fish sauce and topped with julienne snow peas and shaved cucumber. Add coriander if that’s your thing.
  •  BBQ and salad is an obvious choice. If you’re doing hamburgers, a lettuce ‘bun’ is fun.
    Zucchini salad with roasted capsicum and toasted almonds
  • Roast chicken and vegetables. I rub mine with a fresh lemon and stuff with a cup of cooked quinoa, sliced dates, orange zest and chopped parsley. Save the carcass to make bone broth.
  • Chicken broth served with flesh and finely chopped vegetables of choice – try spinach, zucchini, carrot, celery. You could also make chicken meatballs and cook them in the broth.
  • Zoodles! Not every child will get on board with zoodles, but if you do them in a pan with 1-2 tsp coconut oil & seasoning for less than a minute, they should avoid becoming a soggy mess. Serve with Bolognese sauce. Or you could make an avocado chicken zughetti version. Spiralise one zucchini per person. For the sauce blend avocado, garlic, lemon, baby spinach or basil if you want more of a pesto vibe and salt and pepper. In a large fry pan, sauté 1 diced onion for two mins, then add cubed chicken breast (150g per person) and fry for about 5 mins or until brown. Stir through the avocado sauce and then add the raw spiralised zucchini and stir through until hot. You can top with toasted nuts and chopped fresh herbs.
  • Butter chicken with cauli rice from Quirky Cooking. My boys love the butter chicken, but not a big fan of the cauli rice. If you eat regular rice, you could use basmati instead.
  • Tuna niçoise salad – too easy! Baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, steamed green beans, olives, boiled eggs. Add to your leaves of choice – I like to use rocket, but might use baby spinach, iceberg or butter lettuce if trying to entice the kids. Grill fresh tuna steaks to your liking and slice over the top, or use a can of pole and line caught tuna. If your kids are fussy, serve it “deconstructed” and let them add the bits they like best using tongs. Keep a simple lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper dressing on the side.
  • Fish and chips! We have an abundant freezer stash of King George whiting that my dad has caught and filleted. The kids usually prefer it crumbed with panko breadcrumbs, but for gluten free we steam it – finish with a squeeze of lemon juice and season. Or you can pop it in egg wash and dip in almond meal before frying. Make homemade ‘chips’ in the oven, or boil baby potatoes and stir through butter, herbs and sea salt. Add greens of choice, or serve with a platter of chopped veggies.
  • Mountain bread wrap with hommus and salad
    Grain free eggy wraps

    We also have the Well Nourished grain free wraps made with eggs, coconut flour and arrowroot flour on the holiday lunch menu for gluten free kiddies. Last chance to order is next Thursday 20/4 at Art Soup.

Enjoy the long weekend – Chag Sameah and Happy Easter! xo



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