Routine may be boring, but it is my saviour. When life gets hectic – either through over-scheduling, illness, work factors, or a host of other curveballs that inevitably get thrown our way, my key to avoiding overwhelm, or digging myself out of it, centres around setting up better routines. These might include:

  • Regular pick up arrangements for the kids.
  • Meals planned ahead of time.
  • An exercise routine.
  • A regular cleaner.
  • A consistent day of the week to wash linen and towels.
  • Date night.
  • Book club.

When these things are booked in or embedded in routine, they are not forgotten, and I don’t have to waste energy thinking about them. The idea with a subscription lunchbox service is the same. You decide on a lunch day. Maybe it’s Monday after a busy weekend. Maybe it’s Friday when the cupboards are bare. You pay once for the term and every Monday or every Friday (or both if you’re greedy!) are booked for the term. No worrying about lunch order cut off times. No wondering whether you placed the order this week or not. No logging in every week. Just once. Set and forget. Part of the routine.

Making parents’ lives easier and improving the quality of food available to children in schools is my mission. If you like the sound of that, let’s talk.