Our five year old has been gluten free for a few months now. He’s not coeliac, but he has experienced a host of behavioural issues and has had candida overgrowth in the gut that we have been addressing. On our most recent holiday and at parties we are now relaxing a bit with the gluten and dairy, but I really notice an improvement in his behaviour and his overall appetite when he is eating a gluten free diet that is also low in sugar. The news that we needed to go pretty hard core gluten free for a fussy five year old was not music to my ears. At the time, he was eating sandwiches every day, had a pretty serious weekend challah habit and his favourite dinner was (and still is) spaghetti bolognese. Here are three easy gluten free lunches that have been well received by our little guy:

1. Gluten free pizzas

Gluten free pizzas

I buy Ardor brand gluten free pizza dough balls and their GF plain flour. Each ball makes four mini pizzas. I top with organic tomato paste, buffalo bocconcini, basil, pitted or sliced olives and sometimes a slice or two of Lewis & Son beef salami. Sliced zucchini or pumpkin and fetta would also be nice if your little one is a bit more adventurous!

2. Chicken soup

Chicken soup with gluten free pasta and veggies

The weather is (finally) heating up here, but over winter, chicken stock with some Olive Green organics GF quinoa and amaranth pasta, plus a bit of chicken flesh and some chopped veggies (Remy loves carrot, corn and baby spinach in his) has been a real winner. Warming and nutritious. Pretty easy to heat up and pour into a thermos of a morning.

3. Rice paper rolls

These really need to be made in the morning, as I find they fall apart too easily if they’re made ahead. I often make them after we’ve had roast chicken or chicken steaks for dinner. Easy use of the leftovers with some chopped lettuce, brown rice noodles, avocado and black sesame seed sprinkles. If your little one is open to eating the rainbow, you could make them with grated purple cabbage, carrot, cucumber and lettuce. A good nut-free dipping sauce is tamari, honey and tahini. My boys prefer them plain.

May lunchbox inspiration be with you as we sail through term 4! (and if it’s not, give me a call)

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